What does the spool pin do on a sewing machine?

The horizontal spool pin is where the spool is placed. The upper thread guide, which guides the thread from the spool down to the needle, is on top of the machine by the spool thread. Most thread guides have symbols printed on the machine that show you where to place the thread.

What is the function of the spool pin on a sewing machine?

Spool Pin: The Spool pin holds the spool of thread. It can be horizontal or vertical in place. Hand Wheel: It is used to manually raise and lower the needle.

What is a spool pin?

Definition of spool pin

: a spool-shaped pin tumbler used in some cylinder locks to foil picking attempts.

Why are there two spool holders on a sewing machine?

These are made to accommodate the two different types of wound thread spools. …

Where do you place the spool of thread?

Place your spool of thread on the top of the sewing machine, on the spool pin. The spool should be turned so that the thread will be released counter-clockwise. Check the top of your machine for a diagram before you place your thread spool.

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Which among the following is the use of a spool pin?

The main function of the spool pin is to hold the spool of thread.

Does spool pin hold thread?

The main function of spool pin is to hold the spool of thread (Figure 8.2).

How do I use my extra spool pin?

FAQs & Troubleshooting

  1. Place the spool of thread onto the extra spool pin. …
  2. Slide the spool cap for the size of the spool onto the spool pin. …
  3. Insert the tabs on the extra spool pin into the holes on the top of the thread cassette.
  4. Thread the thread cassette with the thread from the spool on the extra spool pin.

What is a spool holder?

noun A stand for one or more spools of sewing-thread, on which the spools are mounted on pins, so as to turn freely as the thread is unwound. Also spool-stand . noun In warping, a creel on which spools are placed on skewers.

What does spool stand for?

To spool (which stands for “simultaneous peripheral operations online”) a computer document or task list (or “job”) is to read it in and store it, usually on a hard disk or larger storage medium so that it can be printed or otherwise processed at a more convenient time (for example, when a printer is finished printing …

Why do we need to thread the machine correctly?


Each part of the threading mechanism on the head of a sewing machine has a definite purpose in guiding the thread from the spool to the needle. The thread must pass through the various guides in a given order so that the machine will sew properly the formed stitches.

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