What do you do with patchwork hexagons?

Can you machine sew hexagons together?

Sewing together hexagons by machine doesn’t have to be hard! Just take it one seam at a time, pinning and sewing carefully from dot to dot. First, put your hexagon rows together by joining one side, beginning and ending at ¼” from the edge. This allows the next row seam to set-in with the first one.

How many hexagons do I need for a quilt?

You will need 184 full hexagons and 14 half hexagons to make a 90″ by 90″ quilt with 4″ hexagons. Also, your quilt will comprise 13 columns and 15 rows.

How many fat quarters do you need for a hexagon quilt?

What you’ll need: Hex N More Ruler (or something similar that can cut 8 ½” half-hexagon shapes) 16 fat quarters of quilting cotton for top. 4 ½ yards quilting cotton for backing.

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