Question: How do you knit off two rows?

What is the difference between cast off and bind off?

American knitting terminology. They’re the same thing! … In the US we generally say “bind off” to refer to finishing the edge of a knitting project, while in the UK, they generally say “cast off”. Whichever term your pattern uses, the technique is exactly the same!

What is garter st in knitting?

The Garter Stitch is the most basic Knit Stitch Patterns in which you simply knit stitch every row. It is easy to knit, reversible, lays flat, and is stretchy. This 2-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Pattern is an easy-level project, perfect for everyone who has completed my Absolute Beginner Knitting Series.

How do you bind off at the beginning of a row?

We’ll start the first row by binding off 4 stitches. There are no tricks here. Simply knit two stitches separately, pass one of these stitches over the other, knit the next stitch and repeat the process until you bind off 4 stitches. Then knit all stitches to the end of the row.

What does cast off mean?

1 : to unfasten or untie a boat or a line. 2 : to turn one’s partner in a square dance and pass around the outside of the set and back. 3 : to finish a knitted fabric by casting off all stitches.

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