How do you split an embroidery design?

How do you line up multiple embroidery designs?

Add the position cross file and place it somewhere at the top and bottom of your design around where it is split. Arrange the thread list so that the crosses will stitch at the END of the first design and at the BEGINNING of the second. The idea is that the first half will stitch and then stitch the crosses.

How do you split an embroidery design Embrilliance?

The Embrilliance Platform

Once stitches have been selected, you can delete them or split them, To split them, click the ‘Split’ button. This will create a separate design for the selected stitches.

Why is my embroidery design not lining up?

This happens mainly when the fabric is not set to the embroidery frame correctly or the upper thread is too tight. Improper backing material (stabilizer) is put on the fabric. Thick stabilizer has to be used for elastic or thin fabric.

How do you split a design in enthusiast?

Name it so you can tell it’s the first one to stitch. Going back to your original design, in the object pane, now click your second split section. Again, hold the control key, and click the alignment piece. This selects both of them.

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