How do you make a knitted tie?

How much yarn does it take to knit a tie?

Materials: Two skeins of wool yarn in different colors (Use yarn that is meant for size US 8 needles) Size US 5 straight needles. Tapestry needle.

How do you tie a knitting pattern?


  1. Make a slipknot. Wrap the yarn around your index finger and your middle finger. …
  2. Cast on 11 stitches. …
  3. Knit 1. …
  4. Purl 1. …
  5. Repeat this sequence to the end of the row. …
  6. Reverse the stitch sequence for the second row. …
  7. Continue the seed stitch until the tie measures 21 inches (53 cm).

How long is a knitted tie?

Knitted ties are often referred to as sock ties due to their resemblance of a long length socks before being worn. They often tend to vary in width size from 3cm – 8cm (most common on vintage ties). Or knitted ties tend to range between 4.5cm – 6.5cm as we view these length as being perfect for the modern body build.

Can you wear a knit tie with a suit?

Business Suits

Most men wear regular neckties with them, however, a knit tie can add an element of texture to it, especially if you have a solid business suit in charcoal or navy. … At the same time, there is a light background and so it can work with a solid business suit or with a subtle pattern.

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What is Seed stitch?

Seed stitch knitting is a common, easy stitch pattern in knitting. It is made by alternating knit stitches and purl stitches within a row and between rows. It is called seed stitch because the stitches create little bumps that may look like seeds. Seed stitch is identical on both sides and lies flat.

Is acrylic yarn worsted weight?

Worsted weight acrylic yarn is what I use and recommend for my amigurumi designs. That’s 100% acrylic yarn, marked as worsted weight, medium weight, or number 4. (Outside North America, it may also be called 10 ply or aran weight.)

Are knitted ties good?

While Knitted ties wouldn’t typically be worn to a formal business setting, they are ideal for less than formal, casual settings such as chinos with a buttoned down shirt and blazer at a wedding or on an evening out!

Are knit ties still in?

No matter where you’re headed, the knit tie’s versatility can pull together any look … well, almost any look. Knit ties are too casual for all versions of formal wear as well as for that most dressy item of daytime wear, the dark pinstriped suit.

Can you wear a knit tie to a funeral?

7. Somber Occasions. Funerals and celebrations of life are occasions that you don’t want to think about; however, they are apart of life, and you should always have an outfit for such occasions in your wardrobe. Keep your colors muted and avoid any busy patterns or fun label pins.