How do you do the waffle stitch?

How do you start a waffle stitch?

Written Instructions:

  1. To start, chain a multiple of 3 + 2.
  2. Double crochet in the third chain from the hook and in each chain to the end. At the end of this row you should have a multiple of 3 stitches.
  3. Chain-2, turn your work and double crochet in the very first stitch. …
  4. Chain-2, turn your work.

How many stitches are in a waffle stitch?

Waffle Stitch Tutorial – Left Handed Step by Step

I started with a chain of 17, which gave 15 stitches in the first row. If you start with a foundation dc, you’ll want a multiple of 3 for the first row. Continue, repeating steps 3-5, until reaching the last 2 stitches of the row.

What is waffle pattern?

Waffle weave is a fabric with characteristic recessed squares that make this cotton fabric look just like the popular breakfast food it’s named after. Although it can’t be eaten, it can keep you warm, which is why it’s a staple in winter clothing like long johns. It is also known as honeycomb.

How much yarn do I need for a waffle stitch blanket?

This pattern is a free crochet pattern for a Waffle Stitch Baby Blanket. You will need a 4mm crochet hook, a needle for weaving in ends and approximately 450g of DK weight yarn.

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