Can a tailor make a long sleeve shirt short sleeve?

4. Make Long Sleeves Short. If you want to turn a long sleeve shirt into a short sleeve one, your tailor can do that.

Can you tailor a long sleeve shirt into a short sleeve?

Making a long-sleeved shirt into a short-sleeved shirt is a very basic pattern modification, but there is a neat trick to making your sleeve hems behave. … Don’t forget that there will be half an inch allowed for the sleeve head seam, so either measure down from the stitching line, or add that ½” onto your measurement.

Can a tailor shorten shirt sleeves?

The sleeves of a dress shirt can be shortened an inch or two by an experienced tailor. The collar of your shirt can be easily replaced, although you may need to accept a white collar for contrast. … The cuffs of your sleeves can be replaced the same way.

Can a tailor alter sleeve length?

1. Narrowing, Lengthening, and Shortening Sleeves – YES. … If your sleeve buttons are non-functioning, a tailor can move the top or bottom button (and pick out the decorative stitching) to balance out larger changes of sleeve length.

What do you do if your sleeves are too long?

If you need a quick fix, just roll up your sleeves, or wear a a sweater or jacket over your shirt. You can also use shirt sleeve garters or even rubber bands around your forearms to hold your sleeves up. The best long-term, permanent solution is to take your shirt to a tailor to get the sleeves shortened.

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Can you tailor a large shirt to a medium?

A tailor can likely make an XL shirt into a Medium, but it will be cheaper & look better to just buy a Medium. If a Medium or Large are unavailable, be ready & willing to pay a lot to shrink it down properly, if it’s possible.