Is tailor made travel still trading?

Holidays: Tailor Made Travel ceases trading & is acquired by Hays Travel – customer advice.

Is tailor made travel?

Put simply, it’s a unique itinerary where every part of the trip has been created individually to suit your style, taste and budget. The term is interchangeable with ‘bespoke holidays’, meaning your flights, stopovers, accommodation, tours or vehicle hire have been arranged to match your individual requirements.

Who owns tailor made?

Hays Travel has acquired Tailor Made Travel after the Welsh miniple entered administration, the company has confirmed.

What does Tailor Made Travel mean?

Tailoring your holiday means that you can select activities that suit everybody’s tastes, and that means that everyone has a happy holiday. … This is particularly true if you are taking the family or children on holiday – so tailor made family holidays may be the ideal type of break for your whole party.

What are tailor made flights?

This fare structure allows the customization of the trip through five fare bundles plus one seasonal fare that are adaptable to the clients’ needs. It also allows them to control which attributes, they want to purchase based on their trip conditions.

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Why choose a tailor-made holiday?

Tailor making a trip gives you the choice and flexibility to stay in the destination (or destinations!) … With a tailor made holiday you will receive the very best advice and your expert travel consultant will remove the time-consuming and stressful process of putting together your next holiday.

What is another word for tailor-made?

In this page you can discover 38 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tailor-made, like: made-to-measure, , correct, befitting, bespoke, appropriate, , custom-made, made-to-order, designer and custom-built.

What can I expect from a tailor made holiday?

Your whole trip is tailor made to suit your exact requirements. You go where you want and when on your own private experience. We organise your trip, guides, accommodation, flights, arrival transfers, drivers, all entrance tickets for your trip and anything else you require.

What are tailor made holidays?


  • In simple terms, a tailor-made holiday is a trip built out of various elements: experiences, hotels and transport, entirely personalised to you. …
  • A tailor-made tour lets you decide on all the components of your trip with insights and advice from travel experts.

What is ready made itinerary?

The ready-made itineraries are made in advance without knowing when and who will buy. It is similar to produce clothes, shoes and display in a shop. It is prepared to suit maximum number of potential travelers.

Is Avianca business class worth?

Avianca business class reviews vary. Many travelers are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the business class seats; however, service from the crew and the food options can be hit-or-miss. Avianca business class may provide a very different onboard experience depending on the aircraft type and route.

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What is Avianca Plus?

Avianca Plus Seats

Located in the first rows of the aircraft with more room*, exclusive luggage rack to store your carry-on bag and a Amenity kit**.

What is tailor-made itinerary in tourism?

Special itineraries are made on request to suit the individuals. It is also called as tailor-made itineraries. … In this type of itinerary duration, places of visit, date, hotel plan, type of device is required is known.