Frequent question: How do you sew bunny ears?

How do you attach a bunny ear to a headband?

Glue the pink pieces on top of the white pieces, with the bottom edges lining up. Glue the bunny ears to the top of the headband. Hold the ears in place until the glue dries (1-2 minutes). Glue a floral accent to the headband near the bottom of one of the bunny ears, if desired.

What are bunny ears made of?

It’s basically just a slant down to the eardrum. In standard rabbits this canal has cartilage which allows it to maintain its shape – just like in our ears and nose- it’s bendy but holds shape. In lops, there is cartilage in the outer portion of the canal, but not the inner…so the ear flops over.

How do you make bunny ears with a hoodie?

Take the lining you cut out of the hood and cut two bunny ear shapes out of them. Take your fleece, and using the ear shapes you already cut out cut two more. Sew them together inside out and flip right side out. Pin them to the back of your hood and find the right spots for them then sew them on.

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