Best answer: How do you make crochet squares the same size?

Why are my crochet squares different sizes?

Why is my gauge off in the first place? There are many contributing factors that can cause any given square to be larger or smaller than the desired measurement. Different color dyes can cause slight variations in the thickness and texture of the yarn.

Do I need to block granny squares before joining?

Blocking is imperative when making a set of identical small pieces (like Granny Squares) that will be sewn together to make a larger piece such as an afghan. Blocking crochet pieces before you sew them together ensures that all of your pieces are the same dimension. Believe it or not, your mood can affect your tension.

Do you turn your work when crocheting a granny square?

There’s a simple solution to getting it to be perfectly sqaure and neat – turn your work after each round! That’s all there is to creating a perfect crochet granny square!

Are all granny squares the same size?

All squares will be roughly around the same size so they can be sewn together and attached at the end of the year. These squares do not have specific names. I change color frequently on my rounds of the granny squares, but you can make yours solid or change colors as much as you’d like.

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What size crochet hook should I use for a granny square?

Classic Granny Square

You can crochet a granny square using any type of yarn and any size crochet hook. This tutorial uses a basic worsted weight yarn and size H/8 5mm crochet hook.