Great & Small

In early 2013 Goodnight Boutique created a brand new illustration-based range to go alongside its existing jewellery and accessories. ‘Great & Small’ is inspired by the British countryside and all the wonderful creatures you can find living there, as well as the much-loved pets of the nation. With stationery, accessories and personalised prints, the animals hope to brighten up your day and remind you of the beauty of the wildlife around you.


Laura is a longtime devotee to all persons endowed with fur, feathers, and whiskers, and was inspired by the rural surroundings of her cottage to capture a little of their hidden world. This is done through detailed drawings in black ink, which are edited and brought to life with bold colour. Every drawing is undertaken with warmth and care.
Fox, who is a very clever, crafty fellow (and who is quite sure the range was all his idea really) knows that you will be unable to resist so many cute little faces, and after all, who can blame you?

You can find the range in our Not On The High Street Shop!