Finding The Positive In 2016

2016 has been a hell of an up and down year but I thought I’d end the year thinking about some of the things that have actually been really, really great…

Rediscovering Potter
I’m not sure if ‘rediscovering’ is the right word, because my love for HP never went away, but this year I got to watch the Cursed Child, visit the Mina Lima exhibition twice, watch Fantastic Beasts at midnight, and attend the Snow Ball in Edinburgh – and it was truly magical.

This has been a huge part of my year, huge. Acting again after a long break has been amazing, and I’ve met some truly lovely people who I hope will stay friends for a very long time. I’ve also watched some incredible shows; seven RSC productions, three musicals, and some really brilliant theatre. Hopefully there’ll be lots more in 2017.

The Cycle of Kings at The Barbican
I know this technically comes under the heading above but to me, it completely deserves a mention in itself. These shows quite literally changed the course of my whole year, prompting me to really start following the path I want to take before it’s too late. I’ve not been so utterly inspired by something for a long time. And I got to see David Tennant perform live theatre for the first time and then say thank you afterwards when he singed my copy of Richard II. This may sound quite trivial but to me it was so important. People you don’t know can have a huge impact on your life and he is certainly one of them for me.

This may sound slightly odd, essentially being a social media account, but becoming a part of this community has been a brilliant experience. From finding my three wonderful brand reps, to taking part in monthly Agatha Christie read-alongs and finally tackling Bleak House, it’s been wonderful to connect with bookworms across the world.

Goodnight Boutique
All I can say is thank you. I’ve had the busiest year ever with my business. Ever. It’s been insanely exhausting but also wonderful, so thank you so much to every single person that’s supported me and my little drawings this year.

So hopefully 2017 will be full of equally amazing things; books, theatre, drawing, writing, tea, cake and music. Happy new year!

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