Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

We’re now a week into the New Year, so it seems like a good time to look back on 2015, whilst sharing the goals and resolutions I’ve set myself for 2016.

2015 was a generally positive year for me. Obviously there’s been downs and negative moments, but the ups definitely outweighed them, I think.

2015-08-25 12.31.39

Firstly, I travelled a lot. This is quite a big deal for me as I’m terrified of flying and not great at being away from home. Nevertheless, I kicked off the year by flying over to Ireland in January, which was followed up by a trip to Sweden and Denmark in June, and finally a week-long holiday to Italy in October. That’s not to mention the travelling around Britain. I went to Scotland three times, York, Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Birmingham, Cheltenham, Newmarket twice, and London a glorious seven times (twice for work, once to record an episode of a quiz show for the BBC, and four times simply to be a tourist!).

I’d like to go back to Italy and Denmark this year if possible, and continue to explore the UK. I’m going down to London for four days in a couple of weeks so that’s a good start at least.


Secondly, 2015 was a good year for my business. Sales on Not On The High Street and Etsy were busier than they’ve ever been before, and I had a lot of fun and busy weekends selling at Comic Con. My designs featured in several magazines over the Christmas period – including Vogue requesting samples, which was very exciting – and also appeared on the NOTHS Christmas TV advert which aired on ITV during prime time shows such as Downton Abbey.
Hopefully 2016 will be just as busy and exciting for Goodnight Boutique.

Here are my goals and resolutions for 2016;


To write and illustrate a children’s book.
I’ve been playing around with ideas and illustrations for a while now and think it’s time I try and pin something down. I’ve wanted to create my own children’s stories for as long as I can remember and whilst it might just be a pipe dream, unless I try I’ll never find out.

To build up my blog again.
2015 was the worst year for my blog since I started it in 2011. I only posted 12 times compared to 44 the year before, and 86 in 2013, and as a result my views plummeted. I’m setting myself a goal of writing 100 posts this year. I want to talk more about the things that interest me outside of work; history, books, and art to name a few, and I want my photographs to be beautiful and carefully crafted.


To post at least once a day on my Instagram account.
I joined Instagram at the end of March and it’s quickly become my favourite form of social media. I really like how creative and beautiful some people’s accounts are, and I’ve enjoyed joining the bookstagram community and connecting with bookworms and authors alike. I want to continue to build up my account and share pictures of my artwork and my books.

To continue learning Italian & achieve at least 20xp on Duolingo a day.
Before I went to Italy in October I started learning Italian via the website Duolingo , which is a really fun, easy way to start learning a language. I was able to scrape by ordering food, asking how much things costed etc but I’d like to continue learning Italian so that when I next go I’m able to hold a conversation and sound a little less like a bumbling tourist.

To work in my sketchbook at least once a week.
This ties in nicely with my goal of writing and illustrating my own children’s books, as well as continuing to develop new ideas for Goodnight Boutique. I want to put aside a day each week where I work in my sketchbook. I bought some new ink in June last year and I still haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. I want to take the time to experiment with new materials and have fun with art, even though it’s also a big part of my ‘job’.

To read 50 books this year.
This is pretty self explanatory. I tried this last year and reached 32 books, although to be fair these included Wolf Hall, Bring Up The Bodies, and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, all of which are incredibly long (though I did enjoy them too!) Hopefully I can reach the 50 this year. I want to read more classics and have Les Miserables, Bleak House, Oliver Twist and Emma on my to-be-read list.

2016 Goals & Resolutions Sheet

P.S here’s a little chart I made to help me set my goals for 2016. Feel free to download and use it!

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