Who’s Your Inspiration?

Obviously, as we go through life lots of people inspire us in lots of different ways, but when it comes to your business – to creating, making, drawing – who are your biggest inspirations?

Jill Barklem
Ever since I can remember I’ve loved the Brambly Hedge books. They are the most detailed, most beautiful, most accurately researched Children’s picture books that you’re ever likely to find. I can spend an age just staring at one illustration because there’s so much to see. Brambly Hedge was created by Jill Barklem and was first published in 1980. As it says on the official Brambly Hedge websiteThe world has changed dramatically since the first publication of Brambly Hedge back in 1980, but the ethos of Brambly Hedge remains unchanged. Community spirit, seasonal cooking and sustainability are perhaps more relevant in today’s world than ever before.” 
I love escaping into such a charming, idyllic place every time I pick upone of the books and this is something I try to bring to my own drawings; the feeling of traditional British countryside at its very best.

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Beatrix Potter
When you think of illustrations of well-dressed animals, or particularly stories full of different animal characters, Beatrix Potter is probably the first person to come to mind. The world-famous story of Peter Rabbit was first told via sketches in a letter in 1893. It wasn’t until 1902 that thestory was published by Frederick Warne & Co and became commercially available for the first time, introducing to the world the beautiful watercolour illustrations and anthropomorphic characters that are still popular today. Not only do I love the images – inspired by the Lake District and surrounding countryside – but I love the Victorian social history that creeps into the tales; shillings, hearth-rugs, gigs, and ‘No more twist’! I like that the animals run shops, sew jackets, hide under tea cups, and the stories mix the world of people and animals so well.


Cath Kidston
I’m sure Cath Kidston would be a feature on many small craft businesses inspiration lists. The epitome of ‘modern vintage’ when you think of a brand with a handmade, British, nostalgic feel this is the most likely brand to come to mind. There are Cath Kidston stores everywhere, you see people with the bags, the phone cases, the notebooks, all the time, yet the brand has also retained it’s quirky, home-crafted feel, so naturally it makes you think “what if my business could one day be like that?”. You can read the full story of how the brand started, expanded, and became what it is today, here!

Well, that’s some of the people that inspire me and my creative business. What about you?

P.S All images are from the official sites linked above & are not owned by me!


2 responses to “Who’s Your Inspiration?

  1. Brambly Hedge is such a hugely significant thing from my childhood. Maybe because they are so representative of what we see around us in the country. My sister and I used to embroider blackberries on everything- we’re obsessed with blackberries and I think it’s because of Brambly Hedge!

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