The Great British Bake Off – Baked Alaska Challenge!

I feel before I even begin this blog I need to say – I didn’t make my own ice cream. I know. Sacrilege, travesty. But before I bin my whole bake, perhaps I should share with you my mini Bake Alaskas & hope you can forgive the shop-bought filling. I’m actually quite pleased with them.


I decided to do six mini deserts instead of one big one simply because we don’t have the freezer space. & they do look rather more cute, don’t they? They were chocolate and raspberry flavour, which I always think is a tasty combination. 

Baked Alaska
I made little chocolate sponges which I then hollowed out, ready for the ice cream. The meringue was fun to make, (I always find it amazing how much the egg whites fluff up) and I was relieved it went ok as I’ve only made it once before. If I was to give any meringue advice, it would be to add the sugar very gradually, not all in one go, and to not whisk the mixture too fast. I had my whisk on setting 3 instead of the maximum setting 5. 


I decorated the mini deserts with a magic star. Again, probably wouldn’t be approved of by Mary & Paul but I thought it added a little something. A nice, little chocolate-y something.  

So there we have it. Not quite as traumatic as the Bake Off. Have you been watching? Have you tried any of the recipes?

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