The Great British Bake Off – 3D Biscuit Challenge

After baking a Swiss Roll last week, my second Bake Off challenge was to make a 3D biscuit structure just like the Great British baker’s in this week’s Show Stopper. I love baking so I thought it would be fun to (try and) have a go at one of the recipes/tasks from Bake Off each week, after watching the latest episode of cake-y, pastel-y goodness. 

20140819_121354 20140819_121423

For my 3D structure, I decided to make a biscuit representation of the Lonely Mountain Erebor and the dragon Smaug, in the style of Tolkien’s map at the front of the Hobbit. Naturally. (If this means nothing to you, go and read the book. No really, do. Off you trot.) 

20140819_121450 20140819_121520

I chose to make a spicy gingerbread to try and reflect some of the flavour of Middle Earth. I drew and cut out paper templates which I used to cut the biscuit into the right shapes – particularly the mountain, so it would slot together and be free-standing. I’m not sure what Paul & Mary would make of it but I think at least the biscuit was pretty tasty & I had a lot of fun making it. 


It’s bread week next week. This could prove to be really difficult for me as I’ve never made bread before, but hopefully I’ll rise to the challenge (I can only apologise. The Bake Off tendency to make a bad pun happened.)

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