Stocking My Etsy Shop For Christmas

Yes, I know…
It’s far too early for Christmas, but forgive me. As a business owner I have to think about Christmas this early (actually I’d finished most of my range by late June!)

My Not On The High Street Shop and Great & Small range items are completely sorted for the festive season (she says, hopefully). This week my supplies and packaging have been arriving in the post, as I’ve learnt from last year and prepared myself in good time (again, I say this hopefully.) But I’m still finalising what to stock in my Etsy shop.

Stock For Xmas - Bunting?
Obviously my work has moved into a new direction this year, with a focus on my own illustrated work. This will be reflected in Goodnight Boutique’s Etsy with my range of Great & Small jewellery and some brand new geeky-themed items, all hand-drawn by me! But I also want to continue to make and sell some of my kitsch/quirky items this Christmas, that were the initial stock of my shop. And here’s where a bit of help would be greatly appreciated…

Xmas Stock - Cat Brooches?

Would you prefer lots of vintage-inspired paper bunting, or lovely woodcut cat brooches? 

Harry Potter Pocket Mirrors

What about these new Harry Potter and Dr Who illustrations. Would you be more likely to buy them if they were pocket mirrors or bin badges? 

Dr Who Pocket Mirrors

And is there anything else you would like to see more/less of? I’ve been toying with the idea of key rings for a while. (Alice In Wonderland maybe? Or some of the Great & Small gang?) And I think I’ve finally decided to go ahead and add some greetings cards to my Etsy (think geeky themed Christmas cards! All Great & Small cards will remain over on NOTHS)

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