A Visit To Tatton Park

As I said in my large recap post of April, over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend we went on a day out to Tatton Park. Tatton is a historical estate complete with a Tudor Hall, a Neo-Classical stately home, a farm, beautiful gardens and huge, huge deer park.


We visited the farm – naturally, because when do I ever pass on a chance to make animal friends?  – the house, it’s wonderful gardens, and of course, the tea room. The weather was beautiful, helping to highlight the park as a great picnic location and a place for long countryside walks, even if history and heritage aren’t your thing (they should be.)


Owned since the 16th century (that means the 1500s, if you always get muddled by centuries, which I do) by the Egerton family, Tatton hosts a fine collection of artwork, furniture, and stunning interiors. By the Victorian era it had become the setting for huge house parties and was one of the first houses outside of London to be fitted with electricity. It was nice to get a chance to see both the grandeur of the upstairs living quarters of the family, as well as the servants rooms and kitchen, tucked out of the way near the cellars at the bottom of the house. I particularly enjoyed seeing the all the old books in the library, looking round the house keeper’s rooms which came complete with a gorgeous vintage sewing machine, spotting a portrait of everyone’s favourite (possibly) Tudor; Charles Brandon, and visiting the Piggery on the farm. There were so many cute piglets I came over quite over-emotional.


Tatton Park was given to the National Trust by the last Lord Egerton in 1958, for ‘the enjoyment of the nation‘. As a member of said nation, I say ‘Thank you. Yes, yes I did enjoy myself. Well done.’ The park and gardens are open every day during the Summer season, 10am – 7pm, whilst the farm and mansion are open until 5pm every day except Mondays. You can get a combined ticket allowing you access to all three attractions (Mansion, farm, and gardens – no charge for the park) for £11, which is what we did. And obviously, if you’re a National Trust member you get into the house and gardens for free and get discounted entry to the farm. Which is pretty nifty.

Pig Postcard 1IMG_8839

P.S – My Great & Small range on Not On The High Street is full of Deer, Pigs, and other such stars of Tatton. Have a browse of my range inspired by the British countryside and its wonderful wildlife.

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