Personalised Pet Portraits!

I’m so excited to have finally added my four new personalised pet products to Not On The High Street. I’ve spent a long time editing the photographs and descriptions to make sure they were just right, so it feels like quite an achievement to have made the listings live at last!

Custom Mug Image 5

Custom Print Image 2

IMG_1670_2Cat SketchIMG_1626

Cat Cushion Preview

Capture the magnificence of every whisker, the cuteness of every paw, with a completely unique personalised product featuring your pet! Choose a mug, a print, a cushion, or an original hand drawn sketch, all featuring brand new artwork that I’ll create working from a photograph of your furry, feathery friend. These would make a brilliant gift (especially with Father’s Day fast approaching!) or a keepsake as they’re completely unique to you. 


I’ve also added quite a few new pieces of Great & Small jewellery to Etsy over the past week, including this cat brooch and squirrel earrings. You can see the full range of Great & Small jewellery here, & I’m adding to it all the time!

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