What Happened In April?

I didn’t blog at all in April. It just sort of got away from me. I had lots going on and my blog seemed to slip further and further down my to-do-list until I realised April was over and I hadn’t written a single post. I really want to get back on track this month.

Owl Father's Day Card 1

I’m pondering a complete redesign of my blog, and I’m also thinking about employing a much more structured method to my blogging to help keep me focused, i.e set days for certain themes of post. It was a New Year’s resolution to put more effort and creativity into my blog so I’m really trying to make that happen. I want to start up my Wedding Wednesday posts again (I know I’ve been saying this since last Summer!) and I want to actually start writing about and sharing all the photographs I take when I visit places instead of letting them stack up on my phone and in iPhoto.

However, lots happened in April and I feel before I can move on with anything I need share what I was up to last month and bring my knitting project to a conclusion.



I went up to Scotland for a friend’s birthday and this year the theme for the party was birds. It was a lot of fun. And I met a great Giraffe.


I went to Tatton Park over the Easter weekend and it was a really sunny, lovely day. We walked round the house, visited the farm, and had a picnic in the grounds. I’m going to do a full blog post about this visit (soon, I promise!) because I took a lot of photos and there were lots of nice things to see and share.

Quite naturally, I ate a lot of chocolate and cake over the Easter weekend. And it was great.


Goodnight Boutique is now stocked in the Curiosity Box in Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent. You can pick up our Alice In Wonderland jewellery, floral bunting, photo frames, and lots of other cute items in the shop, which is newly open downstairs in The Exchange. Make sure you pop in for a browse if you’re nearby as it’s a real treasure trove of vintage and handmade goodies!

Colour In Deer Card 2

I listed two new products in my Not On The High Street shop for Father’s Day. The ‘Colour Your Own’ Deer and Owl cards come with their own envelope and little pack of crayons, and make a lovely creative activity, ideal for encouraging budding young artists! Each finished card will be completely unique and personal. They’re available to buy in my shop now for £4.75 so order one (or two or three!) and sort Father’s Day in plenty of time.


I also knitted a lot. Meerkat, Penguin, Koala, and Zebra were all created for my ‘Knit Your Own Zoo’ sponsored challenge. Here comes the confession; time’s up and I only managed 8 animals. I was so determined to complete this challenge and had so much energy at the start but the truth is I completely lost my dedication to the project about half way through. In the 10 weeks that the challenge was running I lost two of my Grandparents and I was up and down between Manchester and London a lot, seeing family. This is partly why I didn’t blog either, and was generally pretty quiet on social media. I feel so bad that I didn’t complete the challenge in time because I hate giving up when I set my mind to something. I’m going to knit the last 2 animals anyway, even though I’m out of time, because I’m determined to complete the task I set out to do. I’m also going to do a big final push raising funds for the World Wildlife Fund – because that’s what this project was about after all. Please go to my JustGiving page and donate if you can, it’s such a good cause. When I’ve finished Giraffe and Tiger (talk about leaving the most challenging patterns until the end!) I’ll write a big post bringing the challenge to a conclusion.


So that was April, and that’s what I’ve been up to. Hope you had a brilliant month and keep an eye out for a blog redesign and lots more posts this month.

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