Knit Your Own Zoo – Panda

As some of you may have noticed, I didn’t do a post about my zoo challenge last week. This is because a close family member passed away and I didn’t knit a single thing. As such, I’m seeing yesterday as the start of week 4, not week 5, which it would’ve been if I hadn’t taken a week out. I hope you understand and think this is ok.



The last time I blogged about the challenge I was just starting Panda. Well, he’s now completely finished now and  Lion is underway! Panda was the first animal where it required me to change colour. I found this quite time consuming and kept getting the different coloured yarns tangled. Any tips?!

Panda Knitting In Progress



I’m quite happy with how she’s turned out, especially the cute little bamboo shoot! What do you think?
I’m sorry this post is quite a bit shorter than my other Zoo Challenge posts – it’s really been one of those weeks.
My Big ‘Knit Your Own Zoo’ Sponsored Challenge is in aid of the World Wildlife Fund so it would be amazing if you could donate via my JustGiving page, share the challenge or help spread the word!

Knit Your Own Zoo Project Logo

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