Knit Your Own Zoo Challenge – Elephant – Day 19

Today is Day 19 of my 10 week challenge to knit 10 zoo animals, without ever having knitted before, all in aid of the World Wildlife Fund!
Sorry I didn’t get this post up on Sunday. I was away for the weekend but I assure you, Elephant is completed and I’m now onto the next animal…




I chose Elephant as the second animal to knit as he was all one colour, like Polar Bear, with just a little bit of white on his feet and tusks. I found I got through his legs and body a lot quicker this time and I felt I picked up the new stitch I had to learn – the wrap and turn method – fairly easily too, both of which were big positives. However, I still had big problems when it came to actually knitting on the legs to the body and managed to put one of them on backwards again. I’m having real trouble in telling which is the right side or the wrong side of the knitting – any tips?! Also, if you do happen to sew a leg on the wrong way or some other such disaster occurs, how do you undo the damage without the whole piece unravelling? (I had to improvise when sewing him together again, which I feel is not the professional way with coping!)

Elephant In Progress

I bought a row counter this week which was very helpful especially as on the tummy there was a part where you needed to St St 98 rows. It would’ve been very difficult to keep track of without it. I’m rather pleased with this chap, and think he turned out quite well in the end for my second ever piece of knitting! Here’s what the World Wildlife Fund say about his real-life friends on their website –
“Once common throughout Africa and Asia, elephant numbers were severely depleted during the 20th century, largely due to the massive ivory trade. While some populations are now stable and growing, poaching, conflict and habitat destruction continue to threaten the species.”
The WWF is helping elephants in four main ways; reducing the conflict between local people and elephants, strengthening anti-poaching initiatives, working to stop illegal ivory trade, and conserving and protecting elephant habitats. It would be really lovely if you could help share and promote my JustGiving page, where you can also leave a donation and words of encouragement!



And what’s this week’s animal? Well, the rarest of the bear family, none other than the WWF’s logo itself – the Panda! This is my first animal that uses more than one colour so could be quite a step up in the challenge. I’ll let you know how it’s gone on Sunday!

7 responses to “Knit Your Own Zoo Challenge – Elephant – Day 19

  1. Your elephant looks wonderful,one of my favourite animals. I think your doing brilliantly. If I’m struggling to figure which is the right side of something I loop a small piece of different coloured yarn through one of the stitches near the bottom on the right side. It can be easily removed when your done. Hope that made sense. I’m sure there are other ways of remembering. Do you have a button that could be used as a link to your just giving page. I’d be happy to put it in my side bar.
    Good luck with the panda, although I don’t think you’ll need it you’re doing great.
    Ali xx

  2. He’s superb! I love his trunk. You’ll be an expert at the end of all this. Looking forward to seeing you attempt something with lots of colour changes alter on. I’ve never tried that myself.

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