My Second Graze Box

I received my second box from Graze this week as I’ve opted to get them delivered on a fortnightly basis. I really enjoyed my first one, & reviewing it on here afterwards, so I’ve decided to do the same with box number two.

In this week’s Graze box I received – Tomato & Basil Pizza, My Thai, Guilt Free High Tea (Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake with an Afternoon Infusion Tea Bag), & Jaffa Cake.

The first snack I tried was the Tomato & Basil Pizza described as basil crunchini, mini tomato breadsticks and cheese cashews. I really like Italian food so I was pretty confident I would enjoy these flavours. I loved the mini breadsticks & what seemed like tiny, basil-flavoured pieces of toast (they were so cute!) The cashews I was less keen on but they went well with the rest of the mix. I’d definitely have this snack again & score it 8/10.



Secondly I had the My Thai sweet chilli sauce with baked soy bites. I didn’t like the sauce at all & the soy bites were pretty bland without it. There was plenty of sauce in the punnet though, & if you’d enjoyed the dip you wouldn’t have gone short. I really liked the packaging too with the little chilli & the Tuk-Tuk. I score this snack 4/10.


Then I tried my Guilt Free High Tea which comes with a tea bag & a mini slice of cake. I loved this (as I expected I would because – come on – tea & cake delivered through your letterbox? Yes please!) I love lemon cake & the slice was full of flavour & really tasty. I enjoyed the tea too. It was softly spicy & really reminded me of the tea we had at Cliveden when we had afternoon tea there (posh!) I drank it from my Alice In Wonderland tea cup which is always nice to get out. I score this 10/10.




Later in the afternoon I had the roasted hazels, orange infused raisins and dark chocolate buttons that made up the Jaffa Cake snack. I thought this was a good mix. I liked the orange raisins, loved the dark chocolate buttons, & could tolerate the hazelnuts (I’m just not really a fan of the texture.) I thought this was a nice alternative afternoon snack for when you fancy something a bit sweet. I score this 7/10. 


So, that’s my review of my second graze box! I loved getting this selection of tasty treats through the post, & am looking forward to next fortnight’s. You can sign up to receive your own box of snacks here! 

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