The Big ‘Knit Your Own Zoo’ Sponsored Challenge!


10 weeks, 10 zoo animals to create, & I’ve never knitted a single thing before…

I’m embarking upon a quirky, extremely challenging, new project, where I hope to master a skill that I’ve always wanted to learn, & raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund in the process!

But how did this all start?


As someone who loves both crafts & animals, a book entitled Knit Your Own Zoo’ seemed an ideal Christmas present & indeed, a friend bought it for me as a gift this year. It’s a lovely book, full of beautiful photographs & knitting patterns for over 20 different animals.
“Wouldn’t it be lovely to knit one?” I thought. There was just one problem – I can’t knit. Not a single thing. Not even a scarf.
But I was filled with a determination to learn and so I set myself a challenge – by the summer, you’ll have knitted an animal from the book. But after a little thought, I decided this was nowhere near challenging enough…
As you can tell from my Great & Small range, which is inspired by the wildlife of the British countryside, & brings together my two main loves; crafting and animals, I’ve always loved wildlife, and the natural world. I thought it would be wonderful to turn my challenge into something more productive. I aim to be sponsored to knit 10 zoo animals in 10 weeks, giving the money raised to the World Wildlife Fund who help protect and conserve the real counterparts of the knitted characters.

This is a huge challenge for someone who’s never taken up the needles before and I hope the enormity of the task, as well as the quirkiness of the project, will help encourage people to sponsor me and donate to so good a cause. I’ve selected 10 different animals from the book to have a go at knitting, starting with the ‘easiest’ Polar Bear & working up to the ‘hellishly difficult’ Giraffe.


On their website the WWF say that their ultimate goal has always been people living in harmony with nature.
“So we’re about respecting and valuing the natural world and finding ways to share the Earth’s resources fairly.”

Here’s how donations can help & support their work –

£10 could buy 40 seedlings to help replant the forests of Tanzania.
£15 could buy one first aid kit and mosquito net for one dedicated anti-poaching ranger who risks his life to protect mountain gorillas in the uplands of Rwanda.
£25 could pay a Rhino Protection Unit ranger’s salary for 10 days.
£60 could cover project costs for one day to rehabilitate an Asian elephant back into the wild.
£100 could pay for the training of one villager, in Borneo, as an Honorary Wildlife Warden.
£150 could help train Nepali law enforcement officers, helping them to reduce the illegal cross-border trade in snow leopard skin and bone.
£200 could buy a camera trap to film tigers in Huai Kha Khaeng, Thailand.
£300 could pay for the training of one local youth to become a turtle tour guide on the nesting beaches of Costa Rica.


My fundraising goal is £300 & I will be collecting any sponsorship money raised via a JustGiving page.
I’ll be doing regular posts on the project beginning on Sunday (which is when the project starts!), showing each animal’s work in progress & when they’re (fingers-crossed) completed, as well as sharing any tips & tricks I pick up whilst learning to knit, and information on how the WWF are helping each knitted animal’s real life counterpart!

This is a purely personal challenge, and I am in no way affiliated with the WWF or Best In Show Books (though I did ask the author’s permission to use their patterns in this project!) I simply want to combine learning a new craft & doing my bit for charity.

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