My First Graze Box

Today something very exciting arrived through the post – my first box of yummy snacks, straight from Graze!

I’ve had a voucher entitling me to a free box kicking around for ages, and last week I decided to finally sign up and use it. You get to look through their list of available snacks online and rate how much you like them, if you want to ‘bin’ them (they’ll never send you these foods) or if you want them to ‘send it soon’. 


It was a lot of fun looking through all the tasty treats they had to offer from the healthy dried fruits, nuts, & yoghurt coated raisins, to the more naughty brownies & ‘little puds’. In my first box I received – the graze brownie, salsa fresca, slightly sweet popcorn, & wholegrain banoffee dippers. Here’s how I rate them…


First I ate the savoury tomato salsa fresca with cheesy sombreros, as the graze website describes them. The salsa was great, not too spicy, & there was plenty of it in ratio to the cheesy bites. These were a little bland, but pretty good once they were dipped in the salsa. This snack is only 50 calories & I’d score it 7/10


Secondly, I tried the popcorn. If you’re ordering your box direct to your workplace, keep in my mind that you’ll need access to a microwave to enjoy the popcorn. It comes in a little bag which  you put in the microwave for a couple of minutes (full instructions are given on the back of the packet.) It made so much popcorn. The bag looked pretty tiny, but it produced two cereal bowls full! The popcorn was tasty, but not quite as sweet as I usually like it (I have such a sweet tooth.) However, it’s a great low calorie alternative to crisps, especially as they also offer lightly salted & twist of black pepper varieties too. You get at least two portions out of the bag. I’d score this 8/10.


Next I tried the banoffee dippers, which consisted of toffee sauce with wholemeal banana shortbread dippers. I was a little sceptical about trying these as I usually don’t like anything banana flavoured, but they were so good. So good. Really good. The dippers were cooked perfectly & the sauce went with them so well. I give them 10/10.


Finally I had the graze chocolate brownie. I found these a little disappointing. I didn’t think the chopped nuts went very well as a topping, and they were quite rich. However, they weren’t dry, as brownies tend to have a danger of being, and they would’ve be nicer if I’d had them with a cup of tea. I score these 6/10.

So there you have it, my review of my first graze box! I loved getting a surprise selection of tasty treats through the post, & am looking forward to getting my next box. You can sign up to receive your own box of snacks here! 

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