My Ideal Day

This year, to help with my goal of dedicating more time, effort, & creativity to my blog – you can read my full list of resolutions & targets for 2014 in this post here!  my friend & I are setting each other prompts, challenges, & themes to talk about on our blogs (she wants to blog more too!)
Her first prompt was –
She added,
“This is in your ideal life. It’s a map of what you dream your business/future will be. Then you can make it reality.”

I found this quite a challenging topic to write a post about. I began by trying to think about things that would be essential to an ‘ideal’ working day. The first things that popped into my head were; time to be creative, lots of orders, & plenty of tea. Then I tried to think about it a little more deeply.

An ideal day for me would start at about 8’o Clock, as I love the feeling of having a whole day stretching before me & hate it when I sleep late, ‘wasting’ hours that I could be doing something productive. However, I am definitely an evening person & struggle horribly with waking up in the morning. Therefore I’m going to need a very beautiful, effective alarm clock to keep me on track.


1. Red Pocket Watch Mini Alarm Clock by John Lewis
2. Bakelite Green Alarm Clock by dotcomgiftshop
3. Dreamy Pink New Covent Garden Alarm Clock by Amara

I would spend the first part of my day answering emails, packaging orders, doing all those tasks that are less enjoyable – but necessary – so that I could devote the rest of the day to creating & drawing. In this ideal day, I wouldn’t procrastinate and put these tasks off until  the last minute, usually around 11 in the evening, meaning I’m always up late. I’d probably need some good organisational stationery to keep me on track…


1. A6 Flamingo Diary by Paperchase
2. Cat-ch Your Thoughts Notebook Set by Modcloth
3. Madeleine Floyd Birdsong Weekly Planner by John Lewis

Then I would be able to paint, draw, make, devote time to whatever project I was working on. I’m sure, though, that it would be Great & Small based, as this is direction I very firmly see the business going in. My love of animals, and the endless characters & patterns you can invent make it an endless inspiration. I would take a break for tea and then go for a walk with my two Sausage Dogs & my Pug (purely fictional at this juncture) in the sunshine, obviously, as it is a perfect day.
I’d do something nice and non-work related in the evening, as in this ideal day my business wouldn’t spill over into every moment of my time. There’d be clear boundaries. Maybe I’d read (probably Harry Potter), or go to see a play (I think I’m developing a bit of a fondness for the theatre, especially ones with vintage-y interiors & wooden seats), or perhaps go out for cake (I’ve always had a fondness for this). Bed time would definitely & certainly be before midnight, and not half past 5 in the morning (hello, last Thursday!)

What would your ideal working day be like?
You can read Amy’s blog here!

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