2014’s Goals & Resolutions

I realise I’m around 20 days late, but I’ve finally decided upon & sorted out my targets for 2014. Here are the goals & resolutions I’ll being working towards &, hopefully, sticking to this year!


1. To continue to work at & develop my business, especially my Great & Small range.
This is a kind of obvious, general goal, but it’s also very important. I have lots of mini-goals that sort of fit under this heading, like joining Instagram or Pinterest, designing & creating a calendar, and expanding on a range of Great & Small jewellery, to mention a few. It’s going to be a busy year!

2. To finish my novel. 
Hello 2013’s resolution, nice to meet you again.

1. To stick to a timetabled/structured working day.
I want to have time for music & writing as well as working, and want to try to avoid last years habit of staying up until 2 packaging & working through almost every weekend. I think this is really about time management; maximising ‘working’ hours & minimising procrastination.

2. To get out & be active.
This is surprisingly challenging when you run a business at home, and leaving the house becomes something of a novelty. I’m determined that this year, though I’m working from home once again, I’ll go for walks, get outside, maybe even start a new hobby (I’ve always wanted to have a go at archery or fencing.)

3. To dedicate more time, effort & creativity to my blog.
I want to try to write at least 200 posts this year, which is arounddouble what I managed last year or the year before. More importantly, I want the post themselves to be more beautiful, more topical, and a better reflection of my personality and interests.


What challenges have you set yourself?
Are you aiming for anything this year?

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