Last Year’s Resolutions – Were They Successful?

January is the perfect time for goal-setting and also for reflecting on the year that’s just finished. Before I share with you my targets and aims for 2014, I want to look back over the resolutions I set myself last year (you can read them fully in this post here!)


1. Product Related Goal – Get Painting!
This year I really want to push my artistic side and create a range of products – or perhaps even an entire new sideline – featuring my own paintings and artwork.

I feel this one gets a huge tick. Not only did I create an entire illustration-based range, this year it’s going to be my main business-focus. Great & Small slowly developed over the course of 2013, and I filled up sketchbooks, paper and journals with lots of drawings, paintings and doodles. After experimenting with watercolours, acrylics and even pencil crayons, I’ve found that my favourite way of working is to draw in black pen, then upload the image to the computer and colour and shade it digitally. This goal wasn’t difficult to accomplish, in fact it shaped and formed a big part of my year, including joining Not On The High Street.


2. Marketing Related Goal – Build Up The Blog!
I want to blog more, read blogs more, comment more, and generally improve my blogging network.
This one is more difficult to define. I managed to write 85 new blog posts in 2013, which is roughly the same amount as 2012. So, while I didn’t write more frequently at least I didn’t let it slide and write less – I kept up what I started. I had one particularly successful post – my Tape Measure Bracelet Tutorial – which got featured on a popular craft tutorials website and meant that I probably had more views in April than I did for the rest of the year! This is something I definitely want to continue to work on this year, particularly when it comes to commenting and interacting with other bloggers more.


3. Life Related Goal – Don’t Stop Writing!
I definitely want 2013 to be the year I write more than any other. I want to finally finish the little novel I’ve been working on for, seriously, something like 3 years now!
Big cross next to this one. I have not yet finished said novel, though I am now tantalisingly close. I’ve written 73,000 words and am at the stage of just needing to tie everything together. I did write around 15,000 words of it this year but that’s pretty poor really, especially as I could’ve got it finished had I pushed myself just a little bit more. This goal will definitely be achieved this year. Definitely. It will.

So, one success, one sort-of, and one fail. Not bad I suppose, as far as completing goals go. I definitely had a busy year and I’m looking forward to setting myself some new challenges and resolutions for this year (I’ll post about this later in the week!)
Did you manage to stick to your resolutions?

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