12 Days Of Christmas – Helping Wildlife In Winter!

Winter can be a long, hard season for Britain’s wildlife and they’d appreciate any help you can give them.

Remember to feed the birds! It’s extra tricky for them to find food during the winter, especially when the ground is frozen. Make sure you keep your feeders regularly cleaned and try a wide variety of seeds, nuts and fruit.


Place a shallow dish of luke warm water in the garden, so wildlife can enjoy a drink even in frozen, icy weather.


Never forcefully break the ice on a frozen pond or tip boiling water directly onto it –  this could hurt the watery inhabitants. Instead, carefully put a saucepan of hot water onto the surface and slowly melt a hole through the ice.


Remember to carefully check bonfires before lighting for Hedgehog and Frog, who like to snuggle up in them during the cold.

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