12 Days Of Christmas – Tree Decoration Tutorial!

This is a tutorial for woodland themed felt tree decorations. They’re really easy to make and look lovely. (They’d also go really well with my Great & Small Christmas decorations which you can find here, on Not On The High Street!)

You Will Need –
Felt (Green, Brown, Red, White, Tan)

Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 15.32.16

For The Leaves

1. Cut out the leaf shapes from the green & brown felt. Make sure there’s two identical pieces of felt per leaf.

2. Knot a loop from the twine and sew this onto one piece of your leaf. Pin the other side of your leaf on top so that it covers up the knot.

3. Using a matching coloured thread, sew all the way round your leaf, fastening the two pieces together. Add a stem and veins. A neat running stitch works best, and gives a sketchy, rustic look that I quite like.

Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 15.34.38

For The Toadstool

1. Cut out the top of the mushroom from red felt and the stalk from tan, again making sure there’s two pieces of each. Cut out some small white spots.

2. Sew the spots onto one piece of the red mushroom with a small stitch.

3. Sew the two pieces of the stalk together with a matching coloured thread, and then attach both onto one piece of the red mushroom.

4. Knot a loop of twine and sew it onto the red toadstool.

5. Place the piece with the white spots on top and sew all the way round, fastening your toadstool neatly together, so that the knot is covered.


These cute decorations go perfectly on any woodland-themed Christmas tree, or one with a red colour scheme. If you have a white tree or a silver colour scheme, use pastel pink or lilac for the toadstools, with pale grey leaves!

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