Have Yourself A Very Geeky Christmas!

On Saturday December 7th, superpowers, magic, and plenty of festive cheer will be arriving in Macclesfield in the form of Have Yourself A Very Geeky Christmas! It’s an alternative Christmas market and live music event I’m helping to organise at the Senior Citizens Hall, Duke Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire (SK116UR), running from (Market) 12:30 to 4:30 and (Gig) 7:00 – 11:00.

Owl Christmas Decoration – Goodnight Boutique, Doctor Who Print – Jon Turner, Polyjuice Potion Necklace – Goodnight Boutique, Willow Wand – Thornfield Handcrafted Wands

Our day time market will be a Diagon Alley of treasure and treats. Think TARDIS’, Time Turners, Marvel & Magic with plenty of helpings of cake, crafts, live music and more! The hall will be filled with stalls styled appropriately to match the theme of the event, displaying vintage and handmade wares to do with all things geeky; Lord Of The Rings to Sherlock, Superheroes to Star Wars! It will be the perfect place to pick up Christmas presents for the hard-to-buy-for Wizard or Time Lord. The market is free entry and there will be live acoustic music, and a craft workshop running throughout the day.

Gameboy Necklaces – Harribeads, Doctor Who Print – Jon Turner, Potions Notebook – ScottShop433, Winterfell Necklace – The Black Emporium, Dr Who Minions Print – Spirited Portraits

In the evening, the same venue will be playing host to a Wizard Rock show, a US phenomenon with a steadily growing UK scene, showcasing bands that like to perform songs about the Boy-Who-Lived, Doctor Who, and other such heroes. Youtuber, Alex Carpenter is flying in all the way from LA to play a set that will be every bit as brilliant – if not better – than his last British appearances, LeakyCon London & Summer In The City in August. He is being supported by UK acts Siriusly Hazza P, Jadene Doak, Hayley Carr, The Pumpkin Pasties and The Lost Diadems. The Wrock show is pre-ticketed. Tickets cost £14 and can be bought from http://www.siriuslyhazzap.com.

I’m running the event with two other lovely people, so it would be great if you could make it down and support everyone taking part! 

3 responses to “Have Yourself A Very Geeky Christmas!

  1. …Except not THAT particular wand, because it sold like a couple of weeks ago, but I promise there will be plenty of others to choose from! 🙂

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