Christmas Journals!

My very final new product for Christmas, as part of my Great & Small range on Not On The High Street, is my Christmas Journal. 


Influenced by the colourful character’s found in Britain’s wintery woodland, the journal helps to chart and plan the exciting build up of the festive season. By filling in the pages, and adding your own jottings, drawings, and photographs, you can create a snap shot of winter 2013 and make something special that you can look back over time and again. 


The cover, and many of the 40 inside pages, feature my own original black-ink drawings of Robin, Reindeer, and their forest surroundings. Each book has a space on the cover to fill in your name.


The journal contains –

a check-list of wildlife & plants to see whilst out for a winter walk
a space for writing a letter to Father Christmas
a record of when the first flakes of snow were spotted
a box to stick in a special photograph
and a reminder to leave out a carrot for Rudolph


I’ll be adding it to my shop in the next couple of days.
How’s everyone getting on with Christmas? Feeling prepared?
And make sure you go and have a read through all the wonderful Handmade Monday blogs!

7 responses to “Christmas Journals!

  1. Oh, these are so pretty, simple, stylish and spot on trend! I enjoyed reading your other posts and having a good look around your blog – there are so many lovely things on here. I’m nowhere ready for Christmas – the next 2 months are going to be about getting other people happy and perhaps on Xmas day I can just relax with a nice glass of wine. Perhaps I need one of your notebooks to keep me on track…

  2. Your little robin is cute Laura, does he have a name?

    As for Christmas prep, can I ask a little advice please? I’ve been accepted into the Winter Arts Market in Liverpool and it’s huuuuuge. I’ve only done one craft fair before and it was tiny so preparing for this one is a little overwhelming. Could you give a newbie a few pointers please, it would be greatly appreciated? Some do’s and do nots maybe?

    Thanks very much Laura,

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