My Wedding Wednesday – Part 2

Here is the second part of my Wedding Wednesday blog detailing my very own special day, Saturday 24th August! You can read part 1 here!

Following on from a lovely ceremony at Beechenhill Farm we headed through the hills to our reception venue in Waterhouses, Hamps Hall & Barn. We were pointed in the right direction by a helpful signpost, and had soon found the Champagne cocktails, served in jam jars, with stripy straws and red ribbon. A vintage bicycle was propped against the side of the barn, red roses in its basket, and bunting flapped happily, (at least I like to think so), in the breeze. We took some group photographs. And some more. And it was lovely.

Wedding Blog Photos 4

I put a lot of work into my dining room. It was quite a plain, school-hall type space, and I wanted to turn it into a literary haven of book characters and quotes, cake and tea cups. Which worked quite well, I think. We put up red drapes, and covered the four large, round tables, in red cloths with white lace overlays. Each table was themed after a different genre of book – Fantasy Novels, Detective Fiction, Children’s Literature and Classics – with a centre piece to match. Tiny tags atop leather-bound tomes, directed guests to their seats. Favours were vintage Ladybird books, (tailored to the guest’s personality), and were set beneath their enveloped place settings, (each one bearing a different address from fiction), which contained a quiz. About books. Naturally.

Wedding Blog Photos 5

As it was my wedding, we ate pasta and toasted each other from vintage tea cups, which I think was expected by all attending. Our cake was in fact many cakes – cupcakes – decorated with little book page flags and red ribbons (which I made!), though we did have a small cake to cut. It was shaped like a lovely red book and entitled ‘Mischief Managed by Laura & James’. Red-framed quotes were dotted around the room, along with pictures of my cat and rats. I couldn’t have the wedding without them.

Wedding Blog Photos 6

In the evening we moved into the barn, which had rustic, wooden beams and a well-placed piano. Roses – book page and real alike – were arranged in vintage glass bottles along the windowsills, and we set up a photo booth – complete with comedy props – at one end of the room. People seemed to have fun with this. We certainly did. Who doesn’t love a moustache on a stick? Instead of a guestbook we had a memory board; a wallpapered board with little luggage tags hanging from hooks that our guests could leave messages upon. It’s been nice reading through them.

Wedding Blog Photos 7
In the evening my friends performed some songs, and we listened to some pumping grooves, and then went back through to the dining room to have a splendid afternoon tea. At nine O’Clock in the evening. It was great. There were triangle-cut sandwiches, pots of tea and cake stands of mini-cakes, not to mention a book themed ‘candy buffet’ (I personally dislike this expression and prefer to refer to it as Sweets On Different Levels. Maybe it will catch on some day. I can but dream.)

Wedding Blog Photos 8

I don’t really know how to end this post. I want to go on and on, talking about the day, because it was just so lovely, and wonderful, and everyone was so nice, and it makes me feel quite teary. But I’ll stop, don’t worry. I realise it would be rather dull for everyone else. So… I hoped you enjoyed having a little peek at my wedding!

And fear not, if you happened to be feeling afraid, Wedding Wednesday is not over. I’ve decided I’ll probably keep going with the Wedding themed posts even if it drops to once a fortnight, or once a month, because I had such a great time planning my own wedding, and still have so many tutorials, themes and ideas I want to share.

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