Wedding Wednesday – Centrepieces!

Last week was rather hectic and all over the place, and as a result my weekly Wedding Wednesday post didn’t make it onto the blog. Disappointed? Don’t be, because it means there’s two this week!

Photo by Martha Stewart 

Today’s post is all about centrepieces, and another post on guestbooks, favours and other finishing touches will be up in the next few days. Large floral centrepieces can look amazing, they really can, but they can also be very expensive and just a little… Expected? If you want to wow your guests with something rather more ‘outside the box’ then here’s a few ideas for you!

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 15.49.27

If you want to keep things fairly traditional but add a little vintage twist, putting flowers into old tins or dainty china vases can look really lovely, and create an English country garden feel. Placing old lamps, cameras or globes next to your flowers, and scattering some confetti ties the display together nicely.

I made the above confetti myself, with the aid of some gorgeous wrapping paper and a heart-shaped hole punch that I picked up in Paperchase. For the wedding, I’m doing the same only with book pages. It’s easy, fun, and another thing you don’t need to worry about ordering and spending money on!

Photo by helloloveblog

I love the effect of placing vintage figurines under a large glass bell jar. Bell jars were oringinally used in science experiments for containing gases or vacuums. They come in lots of different sizes and you can get really creative with your displays. I like the idea of using little toy soldiers or zoo animals, and trapped flowers and moss work really well too. Perhaps the theme could run throughout your table decor? Turn wineglasses upside down to put over you place names, or encase your cake in a glass cloche!

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 15.44.16

If you’re using artificial flowers for your big day, or you’ve made them (like me!),  you can come up with really quirky ways to display them, as obviously they don’t need to be in water. Ornaments, baskets, tea cups and other such finds, can make lovely features for your tables.

I tried styling up an old metal bicycle that usually lives on our mantlepiece with a few of the paper roses I’ve made, and really liked the results. I think centrepieces like these would look lovely at a travel-themed wedding, with lots of luggage tags and vintage suitcases.

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 15.32.27

What are you doing for your centrepieces?
Or what would you come up with if you were asked to put them together for someone else’s big day?

Get creative.
(We certainly have!)

Today it’s one month until my wedding day! Where on earth has the time gone? Seriously?!

3 responses to “Wedding Wednesday – Centrepieces!

  1. Aha, this is a great post! I am also getting married but in 2 weeks and 2 days!!! I’ve been enjoying your wedding posts! Actually, our table centres are still undecided as we want to buy flowering plants but will buy those on the week of the wedding so iy will ve whatever is in season! I’ve also made my own cpnfeeti. I bought a beautiful large butterfly punch which I have punched about a thousand music notation and turquoise butterflies and bent their wings so they look real (well as real as musica notation butterflies could ever look!) I love the tin idea!x it it’s whatever will it’s

  2. Sorry my computer went schizo and mixed up my comment and refused to let me edit it or view what I had written below the third line as I typed! Good luck for your special day!

  3. Great post, love the bell jars. My sister’s wedding was a couple of weeks ago, she had a very handmade feel, beautiful floral jugs with wild flowers and I helped her with the invite and order of service design, it was a lovely day. Good luck with yours!

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