A Peek At Great & Small’s Christmas Range!

I’ve been working hard on getting everything sorted for Christmas for a couple of months now, so I thought it was finally time I gave you a little peep at the festive items I’ve created for my Great & Small range.







Along with the gift wrap, cards, tags & journal you see here, I’m also going to be offering some new personalised items, but you’ll discover more about those closer to the time! These items will be available through my Not On The High Street shop!

Have you sorted anything for Christmas yet?

4 responses to “A Peek At Great & Small’s Christmas Range!

  1. Your drawings are fantastic Laura!! If you’re looking for some feline inspiration, I wonder if you could come up with something to do with my two favourite cat breeds- Bengal & Egyptian Mau :)…and there’s many more brilliant breeds out there that I’m sure you could get creative with đŸ˜€

    • Hi, thank you so much! I absolutely love cats – I’m a complete crazy cat lady – & I’ve actually already got a feline range underway. I’d love to include these breeds, what products do you think would work well?

  2. Well as a guy, I tend to not have cat badges and things on my bag/jacket :), but I wouldn’t say no to an Egyptian Mau card of some sort. An I’d never have guessed you were a crazy cat lady…honest :D. Can’t wait to see your new feline range.

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