A Victorian Weekend


Last weekend I took a trip to one of my favourite places – Blists Hill in Ironbridge. It’s a working Victorian town – a museum you can live and breath, walk through, and join in with – and although I’ve been many times before, I loved every second! 



It was sunny and the pigs were happily nosing in their trough, the chickens scratching around in the yard. We went to the bakery and bought freshly baked ginger biscuitsand a fruit cob, and then stopped off at the printers. I got some postcards (beautiful monochrome designs – one of a pig, one of an owl) that they had just pressed. 


We looked into the sweetshop and came out clutching chocolate raisons and sugar mice, and then strolled down to the fairground, where we aced the stalls (sort of!) and won a slide whistle! On our way back through the town we looked round the chemist and post office, before spending a good while in the gorgeous haberdashery. I wrote a whole post dedicated to thisshop after my last visit, which you can read here!


It was such a nice day & I know I’m going to head back to Blists Hill again, as I think it’s just brilliant. You should visit too, if you ever find yourself nearby.
I hope everyone’s been enjoying the nice weather. Make sure you check in for week four of my Wedding Wednesday series tomorrow!

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