Wedding Wednesday – Flowers!

We’ve reached week three of my ten week wedding blog series, and today’s post is all about flowers, bouquets and button holes!

Bouquet & Photograph by PrincessLasertron

Flowers have long been a traditional part of any wedding, but these days your blooms, and how they are arranged, are becoming more and more individual, artistic and quirky, and can make a huge impact on the character of your big day.

You may wish to tailor your flowers to your personality as a couple, the vibe you’re creating for your day, or simply just to match your bridesmaids dresses! So, what do the different colours represent?

Red – Energy, Strength, Power, Passion, Desire, Love

Pink – Grace, Youth, Refinement, Compassion, Affection

Yellow – Joy, Happiness, Cheerfulness, Spontaneity, Friendship

Blue – Calming, Stability, Peace, Serenity, Trust, Loyalty

Purple – Luxury, Extravagance, Creativity, Dignity, Elegance

White – Beauty, Innocence, Purity, Safety, Faith, Humility

Photograph from

Roses are one of the most popular choices for wedding flowers, mainly due, I’m sure, to their ancient symbolism of beauty and love. In many ancient cultures roses were reserved for goddesses such as Venus and Aphrodite, so it’s an ideal choice for any blushing bride. It is, in fact, what I’m having at my own wedding!
& here are some flowers you may wish to avoid including in your bouquet –

Foxglove represents insincerity and Lavender distrust.
A Yellow Rose shows jealousy, and Larkspur can mean infidelity.
Lilies may also want to be avoided, despite their prettiness, because of their long association with death and funerals (and their tendency to leave pesky yellow stains on nice white dresses!)


If real flowers are too run-of-the-mill for you there are several ways you can let your imagination run wild and create something truly unique. For my own wedding I’ve decided to hand make all but a handful of my flowers (why, oh why did I think making 400 paper roses was a good idea?! No, it’ll be fine… I’m sure I’ll be glad when I see the finished result!) and you can find out how to make your own paper blooms here!

Button Bouquet
Photograph by Glorious Tiaras

Another gorgeous option is the unique brooch bouquets by Glorious Tiaras!
The bridal hair accessories, and vintage brooch bouquets of Glorious Tiaras are designed, and hand crafted in Cheshire, by Heidi Reid
All pieces are made to order and can be bought direct from Heidi’s website.

She says –
“I love dealing with brides – it’s such a unique and exciting time in someone’s life. Being a part of that time, and being invited to design something Glorious for the occasion, fills me with joy every time it happens!”

Button Bouquet 2
Photograph by Glorious Tiaras

Brooches aren’t the only alternative material you can use…
I think these buttonholes and posies are absolutely adorable! Princess Lasertron is the bridal bouquet and dress design blog belonging to Megan Hunt, who makes truly fabulous, hand-crafted, felt and button flowers, perfect for adding a quirky twist to your big day.



Above photographs all by PrincessLasertron
Once you have your flowers sorted, you need to think about presentation…

What you use to display your flowers can have a really big affect on how they look, especially the ones on your dining tables or used for centrepieces. Teacups and teapots have become very popular for creating a vintage tea party feel, as have glass jam jars tied with ribbon. If you want something memorable, here are some items that caught my eye as being great vase substitutes –

Vintage Bottles – Etsy

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 22.02.14
Vintage Owl Vase – Debenhams

Animal Milk Jugs – Not On The High Street

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 22.01.21
Teacup Vase – Debenhams

You can put all your ideas for your flowers into your wedding scrapbooks!
(If you’re not sure what I mean, head back and catch up on posts 1 & 2 here!)
I’d love to hear about which flowers you chose/have chosen for your big day & why!

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