Shrink Plastic Great & Small Brooches!

A while a go I got some shrink plastic and experimented with turning some of my new Great & Small drawings into jewellery. I talked about it a lot over on my Facebook page (watching the shapes curl up into a ball in the oven was pretty scary!) but I never got round to showing any pictures of the finished products!





I’ve just had a really busy day selling at the Treacle Market in Macclesfield, & then re-editing all my Not On The High Street product photographs. What have you been up to?

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I’ve been thinking about doing a tutorial on how to make shrink plastic jewellery, so watch this space!

7 responses to “Shrink Plastic Great & Small Brooches!

    • Yes, there’s a story involving a spilt barrel of treacle! I remember I was asked about its name in the comments on another post about the Treacle Market, so I think I’ll share the full story in next week’s blog 🙂

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