Wedding Wednesdays – The Start Of A 10 Week Blog Series!

This summer I’m going to be running two blog series’ here on my website!
One, which you’ll discover in more detail this weekend, is focused upon British Wildlife and should tie in perfectly with the work I’ve been doing for my Great & Small range and the BBC’s Summer Of Wildlife. The other is related to something much more personal – it is ten weeks until my wedding!


Though I feel a little shy, and almost a little nervous, about sharing such a precious part of my life, I want to embrace this special few weeks – a phase of planning and excitement – while it lasts.  So…

Each Wednesday I will be dedicating a post  – packed with pictures and ideas – to planning and creating a unique, imaginative, quirky, unusual, off-beat, memorable wedding and start to married life!
Today’s post is all about the beginning. It’s about the very first things that happen when you get engaged and start planning a wedding.

14K White Gold Band – Etsy

Circles represent unity, wholeness, infinity. Engagement rings are a reminder of love, devotion and dedication.

One of the first hints of an upcoming marriage is the sight of a ring, gleaming and often sporting a diamond, winking prettily from a ladies left hand. Engagement rings can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, but it was Archduke Maximilian of Austria that first used a diamond ring in his proposal to Mary of Burgundy with a band set with thin diamonds in the shape of an “M.”

Gold Bow Ring – Etsy

Different eras and cultures have adopted various traditions when it comes to the exchanging of rings.

The Victorians used gemstones to spell out endearments with the ‘dearest ring’ – dearest being an acronym for the different types of gem used;
Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Topaz or Tourmaline.

Gold Thimble Necklace – Etsy

At the end of the 19th Century women would receive thimbles instead of rings, particularly Quakers or Puritans that didn’t like to adorn themselves with jewellery.

A traditional wedding ring in France is the Trinity ring, originally pioneered by Cartier, and incorporating interlinked hoops of rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. It represents love, friendship and fidelity.
Though typically seen as something worn predominantly by women, engagement rings for men are becoming ever more popular. With the idea of a woman waiting for a man to sweep her off her feet being turned on its head, females are now proposing to their partners (often without even waiting for it to be a leap year!)
In history, wedding rings became more common amongst men in World War 2 II as when they were sent overseas, the ring stood as a reminder of their families back home.
Pearl Ring – Etsy

Personally I’ve always loved pearl more than any of the ‘precious’ stones. There’s something so simple, but elegant about it, that makes a beautiful, rather quirky engagement ring. Pearl is a truly vintage adornment, being the oldest known gemstone and the only to come from a living creature. It symbolises purity and harmony.


So, you’re engaged and you’ve selected, or been given a stunning ring! What’s next I hear you ask?

Get a scrapbook!
Get a brand new, shiny, beautiful book full of inviting, empty pages, and start to fill it up.
Even if your wedding is – oh, I don’t know, ten weeks away! – start a scrapbook now.


The planning and build up to a wedding is almost as important and exciting as the day itself, and a scrapbook is a perfect way to capture, and then remember, this special stage of your life. Use it to make to-do-lists, jot down suppliers and websites, shove your RSVPs and paperwork into the back of it, paint, draw, stick in fabric and paper samples, get creative, do what ever you want! And the best thing is, everything is in one place for you to find, and look back on.

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 22.55.42

Bird Craft Foil Scrapbook by Paperchase
Flamingo Square Scrapbook by Paperchase
Cavallini Mini Notebooks

I also like to have an idea of time – mainly how much of it I’ve got to complete things in – so I’ve created a little wall chart to help clarify what needs to be done, and when. It’s free to download. 
I’d love to hear about your engagement bands, why you or your partner chose that specific ring, or why you love it!
I’d especially love to hear about any other avid wedding scrapbookers, like myself! Or from those already married, what wedding planning momentos do you like to look back over?

Next Wednesday – Invites & Stationery!

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