Starting A Painting…

This week I’ve been doing a lot of painting! I’ve been trying to produce some original artwork to go alongside the other products in my Great & Small range, and here’s a little preview of one of the paintings in its early stages. 




I like to photograph my work as I paint as I like to see how it progresses, how I slowly build it up. I think I’m quite excited at how the artwork is turning out. I’ve tried to make it in keeping with the rest of the Great & Small range, so it’s quite stylised with a lot of fine black ink detail. I’ll post the finished products once they’re completed. I’ve been working on an initial set of four – Pig, Chicken, Rat and Deer.

You can find my Great & Small range in my Not On The High Street shop!

How have your weeks been?
Have you been getting up to anything crafty?

Head over to Handmade Monday to find out about lots of other crafty weeks!

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