Paper Rose Tutorial!

Today I thought I’d share a tutorial on how to make paper roses! I feel they’re all I’ve been making these past few weeks, as my wedding draws nearer and nearer, and they’re really pretty and easy to have a go at!


You Will Need –
Paper (A book or magazine page works really well, as does tissue paper)
Paint Brush


1. Take your book page, or similar-sized magazine page or sheet of tissue paper, and using your scissors round off the corners, so that it roughly resembles a circle/oval.


2. Starting at the bottom right-hand corner of your page, slowly cut a spiral into the paper, all the way to the middle, as shown in the example below. Each part of the spiral should be roughly an inch wide (until you get near the middle and it gets naturally smaller!)



3. Starting at the same place you began to cut from, roll the paper tightly. The further along you go, the wider the rolled paper will become. Continue until you reach the middle and have only the small middle flap of paper left loose.




4. Using a paint brush, glue the bottom flap down onto the rest of the spiral and let the paper fan out a little so that the paper rose becomes larger. At this point, many tutorials would say ‘a blob of glue’ or ‘a dab of glue’ Lies! You have to use a LOT of glue to get the roses to stick. Once you’ve put some glue on the bottom, turn the rose the right way up and put some glue inside it as well, to be sure it’ll stick!


5. Once you’ve made several paper roses you can glue a few together to make little posies, or attach a stem using a little piece of wire so that you can arrange them in a vase.

20130416_134329Β 20130416_134436

So there you are! A super easy little project, that only takes around 1o minutes to finish!
These roses would be a perfect, quirky touch to any party or wedding.
What are you waiting for?

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