Creative Inspiration – Brambly Hedge!

It was my friend’s birthday today. I spent a while racking my brains for possible gifts, but after hearing her talking about reading the books, I decided to get her a Brambly Hedge DVD as part of her haul of presents.

I love Brambly Hedge. I have loved it ever since I was little, and used to spend hour upon hour pouring over Jill Barklem’s wonderful watercolour illustrations. It portrayed such an idyllic, earthy, unspoilt, peaceful little world that I often found myself wishing to fall right through the pages, and to scamper off to the hedgerow, a happy little Laura mouse. 


Brambly Hedge has definitely been a huge source of inspiration to me, particularly in my latest Great & Small range. I love the vintage, nostalgic quality seen in Jill Barklem’s drawings and this is something I hope is reflected in my own illustrations, though they may be bolder, with blacker lines and louder slogans.


Do you have a childhood book or film or song that has carried through to your adult life as a source of creative inspiration?

P.S All images in this blog post are Jill Barklem’s and not owned by me!

2 responses to “Creative Inspiration – Brambly Hedge!

  1. I loved Brambly Hedge too and know what you mean about the comforting images and wonderful detail in Jill Barklem’s illustrations. I have the books and shall be getting them out to look at this very night-you have inspired me to indulge myself. Thanks-fellow fan Sue bibby

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