Etsy Sale & Treacle Market!

I’ve been adding lots of new bits into my Etsy shop this week, and I’m currently running a sale for the Bank Holiday weekend! Grab 20% off my new wooden dog brooches, resin rose rings and cute necklaces (+ all my other items!) with the code – “BOUTIQUE68”
There’s lots of little treats and gift ideas for you to browse!


In other news, today I sold at the Treacle Market in Macclesfield and was excited to bring along a selection of my new Great & Small range (recently launched on to show off and promote! If you love animals, cute artwork, wildlife, or the countryside, be sure to go for a little browse! 


Head over to this week’s Handmade Monday for lots and lots of fabulous craft blogs!

4 responses to “Etsy Sale & Treacle Market!

  1. The Treacle market sounds like fun – what an intriguing name, there must be an interesting history there I’m thinking. Good luck with the sale.

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