Redecorating The Shop!

I spent today repainting the furniture in the shop, as well as the window sills (which I never got round to painting when I first moved in!), and adding some new shelves, and hooks.




I think it’s really brightened the place up, and the new layout will be a lot better than the old one. It’s utilised the available space far better, and has given me alot more surfaces to work with.



I’m excited to start rearranging my items onto their new displays tomorrow, and especially for next weekend when I’ll be turning the shop into Wonderland itself!

I hope you’ve had equally productive, busy weeks! I can’t wait to read all about them at Handmade Monday.

21 responses to “Redecorating The Shop!

  1. Its amazing what a difference a lick of paint can make isn’t it 🙂 I love the pretty pastels you’ve chosen! x

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