Holly Palmer’s Tea Cup Stool!

Goodnight Boutique’s Weekend In Wonderland is fast approaching so I thought it was about time I shared with you some of the exciting features and details I’ve got planned, starting with a little insight into some of the decorations that will be on display! 


On Saturday 16th March I’ll be turning the shop into a mini Wonderland complete with flamingo fairy lights, garlands of playing cards, shelves of ‘Drink Me’ bottles, and oversize chess pieces. But the most exciting addition to the decor comes from local designer-maker Holly Palmer, in the form of a chair in the shape of a giant tea cup!

The stool – which has a ‘childlike, youthful aesthetic’ –  will be in the shop all weekend, and will add an air of eccentricity and quirkiness that the Mad Hatter himself would be proud of!


Holly answered a few questions for me –

What first inspired your giant teacups? 
Scaling up pieces to give them a new purpose (surrealism came before Alice)

What is the favourite piece you’ve ever made? 
The Book Porcupine 
(A limited edition piece which has 17 sections in various sizes for storing your favourite books!)

Who is your favoutite character from Alice In Wonderland? 
The main character, herself!


So remember, Saturday 16th March – Goodnight Boutique’s Weekend In Wonderland!
Be sure to pop down, browse the jewellery, have a cupcake, and admire Holly’s fabulous tea party creation!

(All pictures are from www.hollypalmeronline.co.uk)

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