The National Wedding Show!

I’m not sure if I ever formally announced this on my blog, but I’m getting married this year! So today, I went to the National Wedding Show at the NEC in Birmingham, and had a good look round…







As you will have probably guessed, we’re having a very vintage-feel to our big day, and as such, it was any thing with a retro, nostalgic feel that caught my eye today.

I have so many ideas for all the bits and pieces I’m going to make by hand (pretty much everything from the invites to the place names to bunting and decorations!) 
If you’re married, did you hand make anything for your wedding day?
& if not, have you ever helped out with a handmade wedding?

There’s so many fabulous craft blogs to have a read of over on Handmade Monday, so what are you waiting for?!

11 responses to “The National Wedding Show!

  1. Congratulations!, I was desperate to try and get to the NEC for this but i live too far away now, I’m getting married next year, and I hope to hand make as much as i can myself as well. It looks amazing, hope you got some great ideas and inspiration for your wedding crafts 🙂 Those invitation designs are beautiful.

    • Thank you & congratulations to you too! It was good looking round but there was quite a lot of tat in among the beautiful items (as I guess there’ll always be at any event!) Can’t wait to hear more about your big day & the things you make for it 🙂

  2. Ooooh what gorgeous pictures! That must have been such a fun day out 🙂

    I’m not married but i think its a lovely idea to make something yourself for your big day 🙂 x

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time and there look to be lots of lovely ideas.
    I didn’t make anything for my wedding but my sister did embroider us some lovely kneeler cushions to use at the church

  4. Congratulations- your wedding is going to be beautiful!
    I made quite a lot for my wedding- the invitations, the table decorations, wrapped the favours, carved (it was one of those wonky on purpose tiered cakes) and decorated the main cake and lots of little cakes. My Dad made us some cake stands which I decorated too, and I made some of the buffet food. I’m not a party person at all- so making things for the wedding was one of the best bits for me!

  5. Congratulations, can’t wait to see everything and the big day itself!
    We made our own table plan, place names, favours and just kept the whole thing quite simple. It was a wonderful day and I’m sure yours will be too.

  6. Congratulations! I didn’t make anything for my wedding day but I did keep a diary of all the things i liked the look of, what I wanted to wear in terms of hair and make up etc and then I stuck in my wedding cards and some photos after the event. It was before “scrapbooking” was so popular but with all of the gorgeous papercrafting around, you could make it something really special. I love looking at mine – I wrote in it “smudge proof lipstick so that I can kiss James all day”!!

  7. Congratulations. It sounds as if you have set yourself quite a task but I really admire you. Unfortunately I got married before I really got into crafting as an adult so did very little for mine. BUT now I come to think about it as a family we did put together a fair bit: invitations, making the cake, favours, bridesmaid dresses. Not bad really. I wish you luck with it all.

  8. Congratulations. I’m sure you came away with lots of ideas from the wedding show.

    When I got married I made my wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses and the wedding favours, Mr Gertie and myself did the invites, place cards, order of service, etc.

  9. Congratulations!! I love weddings, wedding fairs and anything in between! We did have a lot handmade – my husband & I did all the invitations, save the date cards, place settings, table names, orders of service, etc which I loved. My Mum made the cakes and some other bits & pieces – it was wonderful to have so much handmade at ours – really personal. Can’t wait to see how all the preparations go for your wedding 🙂 Simmi x

  10. Congratulations! The photos of the vintage theme look great. Have you ever read Mollie Makes magazine, they often do vintage features, including wedding ideas.
    Wendy x

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