Floral Fabric Bracelet Tutorial!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a series of bracelet tutorials!
Here’s the final – and simplest – of the lot!


You Will Need:
Spare Off Cut Of Floral Fabric
Fabric Scissors
Bronze Charm


1. This is a great project for using up spare scraps of material. From one of the off cut of floral fabric cut a long thin strip, long enough to go around your wrist, with a couple extra inches either side.


2. Using a needle, thread the bronze charm onto your strip of fabric. This was quite tricky, but I got there in the end!


3. I liked the rustic feel of the bracelet so I simply tied mine on, but you could hem it for a neater look. & then attach a clasp with crimping beads, as explained in my tape measure bracelet tutorial.


There we have it! Three pretty bracelets that look wonderful on their own, or worn together!

Head over to Handmade Monday for more fabulous crafty blogs!

6 responses to “Floral Fabric Bracelet Tutorial!

  1. these are so pretty and wonderfully simple to have a go at 🙂 i especially love the rose one! x

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