I want to ask all you fellow small business owners a question.
How on earth do you cope when you’re ill? 

Because I completely lost last week to a vicious chest infection and fever, which left me unable to open my shop, send out any orders, or do any work, and it’s left me feeling guilty about letting people down (late orders/not opening up) and going from feeling reasonably on top of things to miles behind (Valentine’s Day’s been and gone, Easter will soon be here!)


So do you have any tips? 
What do you do to get back into all things business, and not panic, after being poorly?

I hope everyone else has had a much more productive week.
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P.S I did not take or own any rights to the above photograph. It just summed up my week rather well.

11 responses to “Difficulties

  1. Hi Laura, I hope you are feeling better. My daughter has a popular online store and was ill recently. I think the stress of getting the orders out on time added to her illness. I don’t know the answer to this but I do wish you the very best this week.


  2. Sorry to hear you weren’t well, it is one of the big problems about being self employed. I’m afraid I don’t really have an answer for you except to say that there is no point pushing yourself too hard to get back, you don’t want to get ill again!
    Just take it slowly, explain to any waiting customers (the vast majority are nice people!) and be kind to yourself 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear you have been poorly and hope you are feeling much better now. Being a solo worker is very hard when you are unwell, but as Jane says you shouldn’t push yourself too hard as you may just set your recovery back. Customers will understand as long as you are able to contact them to let them know what is happening and that their order may be delayed. Hope you have a good week.

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  4. Such a difficult one and I have two tips:
    1. You have to look after yourself and the best way of doing that is minimising your chances of becoming ill in the first place (too late this time, I know!). Build up your immune system (pretty much no junk food or sweet stuff, eat a super healthy diet, loads of veg and fruit, take vitamins, fish oils, “good” bacteria – the yogurt drinks, bacteria tablets, etc). Also, have enough sleep, take time off and get exercise and fresh air.
    2. If you do get ill, keep working if you can but on a much lower and slower level. 2 hours a day is better than nothing at all but contacting customers if you can’t even do that may buy you some time. Don’t do anything unnecessary or taxing, just tick over until you’re better. There’s a lot that will wait until you are better.
    I was thinking about doing a blog post along these lines – you have inspired me to get it done!!
    I hope you are feeling much better ver soon!

  5. Hey Laura, no real advice, but don’t be too hard on yourself – you just have to hope that people who buy from a small handmade business will understand that you are a one-woman band and if you’re ill everything has to slow down a bit! The only thing I do do is always give myself longer to create something that I know it’ll take me – so if I’ve got a busy patch or am away or ill for a few days, hopefully I can still get everything made and out on time! Glad you’re feeling better now. Simmi xx

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