Pink Bead Bracelet Tutorial!

Here’s number two in my series of bracelet tutorials! Let’s get straight to it!

You Will Need:
White Elastic
Bronze Charm (A rose or butterfly works well!)

1. Take out your chosen beads, around 20 is good number, depending on the size of your wrist.


2. Cut a length of elastic that’s just a little longer than needed to go around your wrist.


3. Begin to thread your beads on, one by one, until the elastic is full, with just a little left at either end.


4. Thread on a bronze charm of your choosing, something pretty like a rose or a butterfly works well, especially so close to Valentine’s Day!


5. Stretch the ends of the elastic out, and tie firmly in a knot. Repeat, to make sure the bracelet is nice and secure.


6. Trim the ends of the knot, and there we have it – your bracelet is finished!

See, it’s really easy to make yourself a lovely bit of jewellery! However, if you’d rather someone went to the effort for you, you can find a selection of these fab stretchy bracelets for sale in my shop and on my Etsy! And at the moment, as a little Valentine’s present just for you, you can pick one up for free when you spend over £10 in either store. The offer’s available until Saturday!

Final bracelet tutorial coming soon!

One response to “Pink Bead Bracelet Tutorial!

  1. What a lovely and original idea! These will make the perfect birthday gift. If you do not have time to achieve this, however, shop bought bead bracelets will also make great gifts 🙂

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