Tape Measure Bracelet Tutorial!

This is the first of three bracelet tutorials I’ve got planned!
They’re all very simple to make, the materials are very cheap to buy, and they make fabulous little gifts or presents!


You Will Need:
Tape Measure Ribbon (Found in most fabric shops or craft stores)
Bronze Crimping/Snap Beads
Bronze Chain
Bronze Lobster Clasp
Bronze Jump Rings
Fabric Scissors

1. Cut a small length of ribbon, that fits around half of your wrist, using your fabric scissors.


2. Take two crimping beads. Trap the end of the ribbon in the bead, and clamp it firmly shut with the cutters. Repeat on the other end of the ribbon with the other bead.


3. Cut a small length of chain, enough to fit around the other side of your wrist. Attach one end of the chain to one end of the ribbon with a jump ring.


4. Cut the excess chain so that it’s the right length for the bracelet to fit around your wrist. On the loose end of the split chain add another jump ring and lobster clasp.


5. To complete the bracelet, add a sewing machine charm by opening the jump ring on the end without a clasp, and then shutting it again. Your bracelet is now complete! Enjoy!


There’s two more bracelet tutorials still to come, so make sure you keep checking back for them!

Head over to Handmade Monday for more craft projects & tutorials!

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